Find A Pair
And Dangle Together

  • Meet New People

    Select the people you like, if they like you back you can chat on Kik with them.

  • Kik Integration

    Dangle needs to connect with your Kik account.

  • Free packs

    Dangle is a free web app, users get to swipe more profiles each couple of hours.

  • Android & iOS

    Dangle is available on IOS and Android.

  • We offer support

    Having some questions or problems with Dangle? You can contact us within the app. Make sure to check the FAQs first.

  • We keep it clean

    We check each picture for inaporpiate or stolen content and ban bad users.
    We incurage people to report and flag inapropiate users.


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So you want to know more?

For partnerships or other app related questions write us here or on Kik, our id is matcher_support.

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